Off Road

Psalm 119:17-24

Our 4th pastor’s conference was from ten till four on Wednesday in Lumakanda Baptist Church, a small town north and east of Webuye where we were staying. Mercedes trucks, Volvos, Mitsubishis and some other models I don't know barreled down the mountain ahead of us. In Kenya driving is an adventure.

The road is two lanes, you drive from the right on the left side (British style), and everyone swerves to dodge the hundreds of deep pot holes, rocks, and massive obstructions in the road.

Joseph, our skilled driver, maneuvered us safely through the chaos of Kenyan driving and true to form he stayed safely in the speed limit and let the trucks pass on the right. Then up ahead there was a large crowd. One of the tractor trailers had missed a turn, flipped, and the crowd was trying to figure out how the mess would unravel. A couple of kilometers further down the mountain another truck was off the road with its nose almost crushing a storefront.

Pride that leads to speed certainly does destroy. I thought of Psalm 119:21, the fifth verse starting with Gimel the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet, "You rebuke the insolent, the cursed ones, who wander from Your commandments."

LORD, protect me from the pride that causes me to swerve off the straight path of obedience to your commands. Give me the intense passion for your just rules that the psalmist speaks about in verse 20 and 24. Counsel me today with your Word!

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