Only A Little Horn    

Daniel 7:19-25

In 1932, thirteen years after democracy was established in Germany and the Kaiser’s devastating defeat in World War I, a short, former prisoner of war, the leader of the National Socialists, began tooting his horn. He exposed a broken, unresponsive Weimar Republic and closed his stump campaign speech before adoring crowds like this, “The Almighty, who so far has allowed us to rise from seven to 13 million in 13 years, will further allow these 13 million to once again become a German folk. It is this people that we believe, for this people we fight, and it is to this people that we are willing, as thousands of comrades before us, if necessary, to commit themselves body and soul. If the nation does its duty, then the day must inevitably come that restores to us a Reich in honor and freedom, work and bread!” 

If we think Daniel is crazy to predict that an arrogant little man will rise from obscurity to become the head of a mighty empire, we only need to look back to Hitler and the Nazis, a time when the spirit of antichrist breathed through millions and plunged the world into war and devastation. And Daniel indicates that a far more terrifying antichrist is still to march on the pages of history and a final expression of his fourth terrifying beast. 

“Then I wanted to know about the fourth beast, the one that was different from all the others, extremely terrifying with iron teeth and claws of brass, devouring, crushing, and with its feet stomping out all that was left. I wanted to know about the beast that had ten horns on its head, and about the other horn that came up and felled three of the ten, to know about the new horn with eyes and a mouth boasting great things. Look, I saw this horn wage war against the holy ones and he prevailed until the Ancient of Days, the Most High, declared justice for his holy ones, and the time came for them to possess the kingdom. 

Then he responded to my questions, ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will come about on earth different from all the other kingdoms and will devour all the earth, stomping and crushing its opposition. The ten horns are ten kings that will arise, and then another will arise after them. He will be different from the previous kings and he will humiliate three of the ten. He will speak words against the holy ones of the Most High, seeking to wear them out. He will attempt to alter the fixed times, the law, and the holy ones will be given into his hand for a time, times, and a half a time.”  Daniel 8:19-25

In December of 1941 as the swastika flew over Paris and most of the rest of Europe, it looked like Hitler was invincible. Throwing off his pretense of deference to God and moral law, he boldly proclaimed Nietzsche’s Superman, and he began to exterminate the Jews, the physical seed of Abraham. For a time the bets were all in favor of Hitler, but then on June 6, 1944, the allies hit Normandy and the Russians started pressing from the east. 

God only allows tyrants a time and Daniel predicts that the final Antichrist will only be able to attack his people for three and a half years. 

LORD, protect us from the spirit of antichrist, this pride that believes human intelligence, military power, and an idolatrous commitment to our land and people is the key to greatness and success. Like Daniel keep us down on our knees, dependent and trusting, knowing that one day you will send your Son back to earth to deal with the spirit of antichrist and the final world emperor who will be the Antichrist.

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