Pray for Us

1 Thessalonians 5:25 

“Dave, call me when you can.” The text message was on my phone when I got up Tuesday morning. When I called my friend back, he shared some tough news about a crisis in their family and how he and his wife were heading out to help to meet the need. After listening, I said, “Let me pray for you.”

At lunch, another friend shared about his major transition after more than fifteen years in a steady job. He and his wife are launching a new ministry that the Spirit is generating out of their life experience and application of the Word. Before we left Chiles, again I said, “Let’s pray together.”

Whether it’s crying out to the Lord when the tears are flowing or asking him for guidance and support when he’s taking us down a new path, I’ve learned from the example of the Apostle Paul that we need to ask one another to pray.

Paul was in Corinth dealing with the most gifted church in the New Testament, but also the most immature. He had opposition from unbelievers and pride and rejection from believers in the church. That’s why Paul closes his letter to the Thessalonians with this request.

“Brothers and sisters, continually pray for us.” 1 Thessalonians 5:24

And talking about prayer, pray for us.

LORD, touch each one of us in a special way and use us to expose others to the love that only Jesus can give. 

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