Pride and Slaughter 

Daniel 11:11-15

As a kid my dad knew several ambassadors representing their countries at the United Nations in New York City. It was fun to go underneath the Hudson River in the Lincoln Tunnel and then head to the United Nations building and listen to the tour guides as they preached the high ideals of brotherhood, peace and unity. 

We hear appeals to human goodness as the hope for the world, but, in fact, covetousness for the wealth of others and hot anger that often leads to war is the realistic picture as pride and power keep generating violent storms of death and destruction. But Daniel keeps stressing that our Heavenly Father is ultimately sovereign over all this chaos. He proved it by giving Daniel clear predictions about the conflict between Egypt and Syria when Alexander the Great’s Empire fragmented. 

Here is what he predicted about the Antiochus the Great (223 -187 BC) who finally destroyed the Egyptian power over Palestine. Even some of the Jews seek to counter Antiochus’ grip on the Middle East but God predicted that they would not be successful and the Northern Kingdom (Syria) would finally prevail over the Southern Kingdom (Egypt). 

“Then the King of the South will become furious. He will go out and fight against the King of the North. The King of the North will raise a great army, but it will not be strong enough. When the larger army of the North withdraws, the heart of the King of the South will become proud and many shall fall in battle, but he will not remain victorious.  

For the King of the North will again muster his forces, even larger than before, and after some time he will come again against the South with a large army and a lot of military equipment. In those times many will take their stand against the King of the South. 

Some of your own people, those resistant to the rule of the Egyptians, will join with the forces from Syria, just as this prophecy is predicting, but they will stumble. For the King of the North shall come and erect assault ramps and will capture a fortified city. The forces of the South will not be able to withstand the assault; even their best troops will not be strong enough.” Daniel 11:11-15

Antiochus III, the king of the north, marched a mighty army into Phoenicia and Ptolemy IV responded from Egypt. His army was smaller but at the Battle of Raphia on June 22, 217 BC, even though Antiochus had more war elephants, the Egyptian, Ptolemy IV, won the battle and for a time pridefully dominated the area we now call Israel and Lebanon. But soon he was humble as Antiochus regrouped and at the Battle of Panium in 200 BC at the foot of Mt. Hermon in Israel, Antiochus defeated the Egyptians and ruled over the Promised Land until another force from the west started strutting their power in the Middle East as we will find in tomorrow’s Devo.

 LORD, again this 3rd Century BC conflict shows that the arrogance and warfare that characterizes our own day has a long history. As you predicted that some of Daniel’s own people got caught up in the conflicts and suffered the consequences, help me as one of your children today to not trust in the latest political or military power, but to remain fully committed to your Son’s Kingdom that will be the “stone cut out without hands” that prevails in the end. 

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