Stolen Gods      

Daniel 11:7-10

Make billions in real estate, oil, or high tech and the next step is to run for political office. Or if you’re not quite up to all the media exposure, establish a PAC and funnel your money towards the campaigns of politicians or other influencers you believe will secure your wealth and power. The fact that billionaires are gaining more and more influence underlines that the worship of money is far from dead in our culture. 

In Daniel’s Ancient World they were much more direct about their worship of gold and silver. They had craftsmen mold images out of these precious metals. They built beautiful temples to put a roof over their idols, and then placed their priceless figurines right in the center of these supposedly sacred spaces. But the problem with all these man-made gods is that the next army that conquers easily carries them off.  

Daniel chose to purpose in his heart to only worship the true God who commanded us not to ever bow down to false gods and as he continues to predict the constant struggle between Egypt and Syria, he points out the problem with man-made gods. Here’s what he had to say about the battle between Ptolemy Euergetes (246-22 BC) and Seleucus Callinicus (246-226 BC) as he describes the case of the stolen gods. 

“Now one from her family root will sprout up to take her place. He will come up against the forces of the King of the North and enter his stronghold. He will fight against them and prevail. He will also seize their gods with their images, precious vessels of silver and gold as plunder to Egypt. For several years he will leave the King of the North alone. Then the King of the North will invade the kingdom of the South but will not prevail.  Then his sons will stir themselves up, and they shall gather together a great army. One will advance straight on and sweep things away like an irresistible flood, carrying the battle as far as the fortress.” Daniel 11:7-10

Remember when I told you about the murder of  Berenice, the Egyptian princess sent north to Antioch, the capital of the Seleucid Kingdom? Well, her brother, Ptolemy III, Euergetes, marched north to avenge his sister just as Daniel predicted. He plundered the temples of Antioch, took the treasure back to Egypt and then laid low for a few years until the King of the North marched south where he was unable to beat the Ptolemys. 

How stupid to bow down and pray to gods who can so easily be lost and stolen in the back and forth of war and politics. That’s why I’m only bowing before the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the living God, not some idol on the back of a wagon being carried away. Our modern wealth might seem more durable than these frivolous statutes, but Jesus still warns us not to give our hearts to treasures that thieves can steal. 

LORD, thanks that you are a fortress impregnable to any attack, and that as I treasure you today, you amass a treasure for me in heaven that will never be lost.

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