The Church in Your Home

Philemon 2

So where in 2019 did I experience the warmest, most important face to face contacts and closeness with others? Watching a movie at Cinemark? At a business meeting in a board room? Over a cup of coffee at Starbucks? Certainly, the coffee at Starbucks wins over the theater as a prime location for genuine personal connection, but none of them even come close to the living room in our home. 

From eating Texas barbecue with my Southern Bible Old Testament students who mixed it up with our Truth Encounter Board members to last week, getting to spend two days inside with my oldest son, his wife, and three of our granddaughters with the oak fire keeping us warm from the chilly January rain, there’s no place like home, not just for the holidays, but for genuine connection between loved ones. That’s why in the first century the first believers in Jesus met not only in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, in synagogues and public meeting halls throughout the Empire, but most often in homes. This is proved by how Paul begins his letter to Philemon.

“and to the church in your home….”

Involved in church leadership and burdened about how to reach the non-churched? Maybe in 2020 we should spend more time on  how to creatively open up our living rooms to folks than changing the lighting, stage presence, screens, and amplifiers in our church auditoriums. The church didn’t even begin to meet in buildings specifically built for Christian worship until the second half of the 3rdcentury, and the Dura-Europa, considered to be the oldest church building in the world, started out as a home.

LORD, thanks for Mary’s incredible gift of hospitality and give us more creative ideas about having even more people into our home and encouraging other believers to join us in home group passion.

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