The Will Cannot Be Broken

Galatians 3:15-18 

When my dad died on April 17, 1996, I found out that I was the executor of his will.  It was my responsibility to make sure that each of my siblings got the exact percentage of dad’s assets as indicated. (Mom had gone home to be with the Lord Jesus ten years earlier.)

I allocated the funds, closed the books on dad’s accounts, and everything was settled. Then a few months ago my brother, Ron, wrote me an email. “Dave, a funeral agency has contacted me from Nassau County. Evidently, dad and mom purchased four grave plots down in the City, and the cemetery wants to buy the plots back from us.” I had to dig through my old documents, but I finally found a copy of dad’s will.

I did all the executor stuff back in ’96, my sister Betsy went home to be with the Lord in 2009, and it’s now 2020. Didn’t this mean that my remaining brothers and one sister could go ahead and divide whatever we got for selling the grave plots equally among ourselves?

Absolutely not! Betsy has two grown children and the will was clear that her percentage of the inheritance was to be split evenly between her children. None of my siblings balked for a second. Dad’s intent as promised in the will was crystal clear. The truth is—a will is a will, and it cannot be broken. 

In a culture where keeping our word, especially promises, gets routinely trashed, especially by politicians, we need to recapture the importance of keeping our word. We won’t understand the Apostle Paul’s argument unless we remember that promises, especially when they are written in a will, cannot be broken or altered. 

“Brothers and sisters, I’m going to use a human illustration. Once a human will is ratified no one can set it aside or add to it. Now, the promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. Look carefully. It doesn’t say ‘seeds’ referring to many, but to ‘seed’ referring to one. The promise reads, ‘to your seed.’ This singular ‘seed’ is the Messiah, Christ. Here’s the point I’m making. This promise that God ratified to Abraham cannot be revoked or invalidated by a law given to Moses 430 years later. For if the promised inheritance is given by obedience to the Law then it is no longer based on God’s promise; but God has freely and graciously given the promise to Abraham.” 

God’s covenant at Mt. Sinai was important. It proves that none of us will ever earn our inheritance from God by our religious and moral obedience. The Law demonstrates that we are all sinners under the curse of disobedience. But like Abraham, we simply have to listen to God’s promise and believe in his Messiah, the ultimate seed of Abraham. When we put our faith in Jesus, we become members of God’s household with all its rights and privileges. Now, that’s an unexpected windfall. 

LORD, all of us in the Wyrtzen family thank you so much more that we receive your inheritance not by our obedience, but by simply trusting your Son.

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