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November 23

Daniel 7:15-28; 1 Peter 2:18-25

Thought from Today's Old Testament Passage:

[Daniel 9:1-19] Daniel, aware of God's rule in history thought on current affairs in the light of earlier prophecy and realized [Jeremiah's prophecies concerning] a Babylonian term of seventy years, had almost come to fulfillment… Daniel's discovery brought him to pray that God would remember His promise of restoration, a prayer penitent and determined, involving him body and soul. Until this point, and after the prayer, God is portrayed primarily as the absolute ruler of the universe, but here, in Daniel's prayers, He is repeatedly given His name, Lord, i.e. Yahweh, peculiar to the covenant relation with Israel. Throughout the prayer the link between God and His People founded at Sinai is in view, just as it is in Jeremiah. With the covenant-terms as his yardstick, Daniel assessed both God and Israel. So fully did God measure up to the scale, so far short fell Israel, that the prayer had to begin as a confession of sin and entirely proper punishment (vv. 4-14)…

God is righteous, no accusation can be brought against Him; Israel must hang her head because of her unfaithfulness. It is God who shows Himself merciful and forgiving; Israel has nothing to forgive, can only cry for mercy, "even though we have rebelled".

F. F. Bruce, Gen. Ed., The International Bible Commentary (Marshall Pickering/Zondervan, 1986), p. 863.

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