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The Substance of Faith

Will faith or fear win in your life?  The choice is yours.  Faith liberates, fear incarcerates.  Faith focuses, fear distracts.  Faith advances, fear retreats.  Faith imagines what could be while fear is paralyzed by the thought of the future.  Faith is a substance that requires an action.  When faith is fully activated in your life you will have access to all you need to accomplish your God-given assignment.  All things are possible to those who believe. -Mark 9:23

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About Brother Dave and the Hour of Power Singers

The Brother Dave and the Hour of Power Singers program is sent out to a worldwide audience through weekly broadcasts on television, streaming video, and radio; all for the purpose of furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ - saving the lost, healing the sick, ministering to the needs of the less-fortunate, and impacting our culture through the power of the Holy Spirit

About Brother Dave Lombardi

Brother Dave and Sister Meralene Lombardi founded and began to pastor Trinity Gospel Temple in 1963.  In addition to broadcast, Brother Dave has taken ministry to the streets of Canton, Ohio and into the surrounding communities through various outreaches.  Camp Trinity is used for children and youth camps, the People Care Center offers food, clothing, and the salvation message to community members in need, the Trinity Dream Center provides sports and other activities to inner city kids and teenagers, and the Adopt-a-Block program sends members of Trinity Gospel Temple into the surrounding neighborhoods with food, gifts, and warm hearts for anyone who will open their door.  For over 55 years, Brother Dave has been a leader to Trinity Gospel Temple and to the city of Canton.  Humbly he has followed God’s calling, and because of his ministry, countless souls have been added to the kingdom of God.

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Canton, Ohio 44701

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