Cyrus and Jesus
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Cyrus and Jesus
Defender's Voice - Telugu with Paul Kattupalli MD
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Defender's Voice - Telugu with Paul Kattupalli MD
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Jews: A Miracle of God

Please join Dr. Paul Kattupalli as he delivers the last message in the series entitled "Jews: A Miracle of God". We pray that his message blesses you as you gain insightful knowledge, as a defender of your faith.


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About Defender's Voice - Telugu

Defender’s Voice from Dr. Paul Kattupalli is a weekly half hour program in Christian apologetics designed to help Christians become better defenders of their faith and to reach non-Christians with the gospel of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He runs free medical missions and does orphanage work in developing nations.

About Paul Kattupalli MD

Paul Kattupalli MD is a practicing physician, Christian apologist, evangelist, and philanthropist. Didn’t Christians persecute Galileo? Do fossils contradict Biblical Creation Account? Are there contradictions in the Bible? Does Bible suppor tslavery? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Why can’t I be agood Buddhist without becoming a Christian?.....these are some of the questions people often ask him. Paul answers these questions with compassion, conviction, tenderness, logic, historical evidence, but never closing without presenting the blessed hope of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He preaches gospel in his native Telugu language and adopted English language. His passion for Christ reaches millions through internet, tracts, books, radio waves and TV stations around the world. He runs free medical missions and orphanage work in developing nations like India and Ghana. He resides in State College, PA.

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