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The Four Priorities

The Four Priorities workbook is the best resource available for making disciples! Confronting life’s challenges with tough grace, this biblically based workbook helps Christians of all ages to mature in their faith and live a life of significance and influence for Christ. With 28 short chapters, it’s designed to be read weekly and discussed by a disciple-maker and their disciple or it can be easily used in a group setting. Purchasing this book also gives you access to free video resources for each chapter, plus weekly creative ideas for bringing discipleship to your family! 

About Disciples Making Disciples

Can you imagine if what Jesus Christ did with 12 disciples over 2000 years ago, could be duplicated today . . . by you and me? It’s possible! Not only is it possible, but He commanded us to do exactly that, saying, “Go and make disciples” (see Matthew 28:19). Jesus isn’t calling us to a complicated program or methodology…He’s simply asking us to live life His way: as we go about our lives, engage with other-in-the-faith believers and help them mature in their relationship with Christ, so that they can then help someone else do the same. In other words, he wants us to be people who make disciples who make disciples…who make disciples.

Much of discipleship is caught rather than taught, learned in the midst of life rather than in a classroom. We all need someone to help us become the persons God wants us to be so that we’ll be able to do what He wants us to do. And that’s what Dr. John Tolson’s ministry is all about – helping people become followers, learners, and multiplying disciple-makers for Jesus Christ.

About Dr. John Tolson

Dr. John Tolson has taught and spoken nationally and internationally, and for more than 45 years, has spiritually discipled hundreds of thousands of adults and students. His deepest desire is to see people not only become followers of Jesus Christ, but also disciple-makers who fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). John received his Master of Divinity from Columbia Seminary and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. Additionally, he had a special study opportunity at L’Abri Fellowship with Francis Schaeffer in Switzerland.

John has inspired audiences through his speaking and over the years, has been called upon by major corporations including Walt Disney World and IMG to keynote conferences and seminars. He’s also served as a faith developer for some of the nation’s leading executives, celebrities, and athletes. John started one of the first team chaplain programs in the NBA, and he has served professional sports teams including the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, Houston Oilers, Orlando Magic, and the Dallas Cowboys.

John is the co-author of The Four Priorities, a workbook which challenges men and women to become disciples who make disciples; and Take a Knee, a devotional book based on the locker room messages he gave to the Dallas Cowboys. Married to Punky Leonard Tolson in 2001, John is the father of two grown children with his late wife Ruth Anne and has three adorable grandchildren.

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8111 Preston Rd. Suite 490,
Dallas, TX 75225