Mindful of God

The Christian life is a life that is lived mindful of God. The crux and catalyst for sin is frequently described in the Bible as thoughtlessness or forgetfulness of God (Jdg.8:34; 1Sam.12:9; Jer.2:32; et al.). Godly living, on the other hand, is prompted and motivated by a chronic remembrance of the presence of God (Dt.8:18; Pr.5:21; Heb.4:13; 1Pt.2:19; et al.).

For us as Christians, the call to “pray without ceasing” (1Th.5:17) and to “be constant in prayer” (Rom.12:12) provides us with a practical discipline through which we make ourselves aware of the informed, active, and involved omnipresence of God. By contrast, looking around at the bustling people of this world who give little or no thought to their Maker ought to give us a chilling and sorrowful pause. The God to whom all will give an account is entirely disregarded and forgotten by so many.

“As in the days of Noah”, Jesus said, so it will be that in the last times people will be “eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage” all without thought of their Creator – his demands, his desires, his mercies, or his provisions (Lk.17:27). Such a simple observation from people who are mindful of God should provoke us to intercessory prayer and evangelism. May God use you and I this week to open the eyes of a sleeping world.

-- Pastor Mike


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