In Psalm 15 David recounts key virtues of a godly character – a kind of character that he says will experience intimacy with God. At the top of the inspired list we find the attribute of truthfulness, as we might expect. How can one claim to have intimacy with the God of truth if one does not consistently “speak the truth from his heart” (v.2)?

Because the truth does not always bring us advantage in life, many have become experts at twisting, contorting and embellishing the facts. In our hearts we may know the truth of a given situation, but from our mouths comes a story that is not entirely truthful. David says there is no place for such skill among those making a claim to godliness. Even when the facts may not serve our best interest, those who experience intimacy with God will speak the truth in love without compromising an accurate reflection of reality.

To walk with God we will seek to capture the essence of that medieval phrase which has become commonly known, but not commonly practiced – we will tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” May God’s Spirit help us be truthful men and women as we become more closely aligned with the heart of our Father.

-- Pastor Mike

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