Taking a break was God’s idea. It assumes we are diligent in our work. Even the statement he uses to institute a weekly break is couched in the reminder that we were never designed or commissioned for a life of luxury ¬“six days do your work” but then we must “rest” (Ex.23:12). While there was obviously a ceremonial aspect to the seventh day that was indicative of the Old Covenant, enough of the statements regarding the “day of rest” teach us that while the ceremonial requirement was fulfilled in Christ (Heb.4:1-11; Col.2:16-17), the idea of regularly taking a break was not.

Weekly breaks are important, and so are periodic days and even weeks of feasting and festivals. Israel’s calendar was punctuated with divinely sanctioned times of reflection, refreshment and new starts. Jesus, the hardest working example we have (Jn.17:4), was still insistent that the disciples take the time needed to find refreshment: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” (Mk.6:31).

If you don’t plan to take regular breaks, you will either justify taking more than you need by rationalizing that you “never get a break” or you will find yourself becoming increasingly unproductive and unthankful, to say the least! So enjoy the respites that God allows and thank him for the work he plans to do through you, his refreshed servant!

-- Pastor Mike

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