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Ben-Hur, Part 2 of 2

An unforgettable account of betrayal, revenge, redemption, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre's production of Ben-Hur tells the tale of a nobleman who fell from Roman favor and was sentenced to live as a slave - all at the hands of his childhood friend, Messala. Once nearly brothers, any hope of reconciliation is dashed after Messala is seriously injured during a vicious chariot race won by the vindictive Ben-Hur. But what makes this adaptation of Lew Wallace's best-selling story unforgettable is the changed man Ben-Hur becomes after seeing Christ on the cross. (Recommended for ages 10+) Learn more about other titles in the Radio Theatre series today!


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The Best Drama Your Ears Have Ever Seen!

Experience hours of classic adventure, unforgettable drama, and stories that have been touching hearts for generations. Focus on the Family’s Radio Theatre® is more than storytelling – and much more than mere audiobooks. It’s a cast of internationally acclaimed actors, performing award-winning audio dramas that are produced and mixed in dynamic cinema-quality sound design. These are movies that play on the biggest screen of all … your imagination! Discover timeless classics, historical biographies and original stories today. 

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