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NEW! Handling the Questions (Who is Jesus? Episode 10)

This final episode considers how best to introduce people to the real Jesus--a Jesus that they may fear more than anything else. The Bible doesn't just ell us about our Lord; it also instructs us on how to represent Him in front of others who haven't met Him. Often the most effective--even electrifying--way to be a witness for Jesus is to get out of the way and let His own words speak for themselves. The accompanying curriculum and additional volumes can be found here.


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Get the Entire TrueU Series!

TrueU is a valuable resource for youth groups, college campus clubs, Sunday School classes, home-based small groups, homeschools, and individuals who want to strengthen their faith. The series consists of three sets of videos and study guides. TrueU is a precursor to the in-depth study presented in Focus on the Family’s The Truth Project® of how to live out a Christian worldview. 

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