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The Hormone Zone

For years, hormone imbalances have gone undiagnosed. LIFE Outreach friend Dr. Don Colbert shares his knowledge on regaining health by getting in the hormone zone. Hormones play such a vital role when it comes to health, and when hormone levels are optimized, benefits can be seen in many areas, including increased energy and strength and better mood and memory, helping you feel younger, healthier and happier!

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LIFE Today+ features the expanded interviews from best guests on LIFE Today with James and Betty Robison, plus bonus segments with exclusive pastors, authors, musicians, speakers, and other leaders. Hosted by Randy Robison, LIFE Today+ brings LightSource viewers the best that Christian television has to offer.

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Randy Robison is the author of the books God Wants You To Be Happy and Get in the Game. He is a writer, producer, and host for LIFE Today TV.

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