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Rainbow Girl

Rainbow Girl - Discovering What's Real at Bonnaroo Festival : Mission X Media : MXTV

Courtney grew up in a Christian home, but when her father died from cancer when she was 15 she was hopeless. She turned to drugs and sex to numb the pain. In her desire to heal she sought real community and thought she found it among a group she calls "Rainbow People."

She thought she had found people like her. They loved, music, open sexuality, mind-expanding experiences through drugs like acid, and more than anything authentic community. It wasn’t until her new community abandoned her, she found everything she had been looking for in Jesus and a home with His people.

See the impact of her story and the real community found in Jesus's church as they engage people at Bonnaroo, a music and arts festival that meets each summer in Manchester, TN.

Learn more about Courtney and hear her music at Harvest Sound

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Harvest Sound Camera Crew:
Videographer 1 - Katelin Bryan
Videographer 2 - Corey McKinney
Videographer 3 - Cindy Quartier
Videographer 4 - Savana Lopez
Host - Courtney Cordes
Producer: Tim Bisagno
Director: Sue Mohr
Videographer: Corey McKinney

Contributing Communities of Harvest Sound - Bonnaroo outreach:
YWAM Nashville
Southview Church
One Stone Nashville
Caleb Company
Harvest Sound
Nashville I Am Second
Grace Center

Special thanks to all those from Manchester, TN: The Alabaster House of Prayer and all the intercessors that covered this outreach!

Also, special thanks to Mayor Gary Cordell and Coffee County Police and Security Personnel.

To learn more about using your creative gifts to impact planet earth for Jesus, visit


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About MXTV

MXTV is a Christian TV Show that speaks real, life-changing truth, empowering young people to find Jesus and truly live. We promise to be a voice for generations ahead.

About Tim Bisagno

Tim Bisagno is the founder of MXTV. 
He grew up in Houston TX, the son of a prominent pastor, Dr. John Bisagno. 

Tim took the traditional path of acquiring a classic ministry-education by graduating from Baylor University, and attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but his heart was not in it. 

Calling and mission 
Still feeling a call to ministry, he used drugs and alcohol to unsuccessfully quieten his calling. Humbled, Tim discovered his desperate need for God. As a result, Tim not only grew in knowing Jesus, but also grew a deep desire to make Him known. 

Tim then studied sanctification at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland. Returning to Texas, he completed a Discipleship Training School and a School of Evangelism through Youth With A Mission. Tim then served with YWAM as a foreign missionary in Amsterdam, Holland. 

“Speaking their language” 
Tim longed to see a ministry that would reach young people and could effectively speak their “cultural language.” So in 1992 while in Amsterdam, he founded his evangelistic rock band “The Friendly’s” - which later evolved into a TV show. 

Tim was ordained into ministry in 1994. Continuing to reach the global youth culture, founded “Mission X Mission Inc” - a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry. Within a few years M X T V (Mission X Television) was born. 

M X T V is a weekly 30 minutes evangelistic TV program offering an eclectic menu of music videos, short films, relevant teaching. 

A Safe Place Online
In January of 2020, Tim founded “A Safe Place Online.” Through a 24/7 live chat and text service, aSafePlaceOnline is a nonjudgmental place for hurting young people to come, share, and hear about the saving grace of 

“As creator of MXTV and aSafePlaceOnline - It’s my desire to see these ministries be the best evangelistic communication tools on TV and Internet reaching unchurched young adults between the ages of 15-30. With God’s help, M X T V and aSafePlaceOnline will make an unprecedented Kingdom-impact upon this Media Generation by effectively presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in today’s language, resulting in their salvation.” - Tim 

Tim is a professional photographer and an avid archer. His favorite pastimes are being outdoors, traveling and being with his wife Edye, and their two sons, River and Rocco. Tim and his family currently reside in Franklin, TN.

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