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What do you think about war,abortion and education? How do you feel about homosexuality and capital punishment? Do you believe evolution is true? Your opinions and beliefs about these important issues are summed up in your worldview. It is what shapes your ideas and affects the path you choose in life. Your worldview has been shaped by someone or something, but is it in alignment with God's enduring truth - the Bible? This series is designed to provide a theologically sound, though sometimes politically incorrect, set of teachings to give you a biblical worldview. Join Pastor Jack as he tackles some of the most controversial and culturally sensitive issues of today.

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About Real Life

Why the name Real Life?

Have you listened to Jack Hibbs teach? Or watched him on TV? Well, if you have, it doesn’t take very long to figure out that Pastor Jack is passionate about life! That might be an understatement.

This passion comes out of his deep understanding that God, who came to earth in human skin, has through Jesus Christ provided the way, the truth and the life. Our relationship with God, broken because of our sin, can be restored through Him. Jesus said He came to give us “abundant” life. That’s real life done God’s way! Our relationship with Christ and His instructions about the Christian life should impact every area of our being. That’s right! God’s Word – the Bible – speaks to the real life issues we all face. Depression. Joy. Suffering. Forgiveness. Peace. Fulfillment.

We trust that Real Life with Jack Hibbs is a place you will be encouraged. Listen to the daily radio programs featuring Pastor Jack’s teaching. Watch insightful interviews and discussions on our new TV program. Take advantage of the resources we offer as you grow in your relationship with God. Finally, be encouraged by the Words to the Wise devotional by Pastor Jack.

It is our hope that through Jesus Christ you will know Real Life!

About Jack Hibbs

Jack Hibbs is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills located in Southern California. Jack began Calvary Chapel as a home fellowship church plant from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and today, with God’s blessing, the church ministers to thousands each week through live studies and world-wide radio and internet broadcasts. Jack has a great passion for the prophetic study of the Bible, youth outreaches and the expositional teaching of God’s word and to date the church has seen over one thousand people go out into the foreign field to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Jack and his wife Lisa reside in Southern California with their two daughters.

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