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When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School

In When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School, Colleen Swindoll Thompson weaves together biblical truth, practicality, and her own growth experiences as a mother of a son with special needs. She writes with raw honesty about her personal crisis of faith as well as the hardship and humor that come with learning to trust God through difficult times.

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About Reframing Ministries

Reframing Ministries was created and is wholeheartedly committed to caring for caregivers and those living with significant challenges. As a ministry, Reframing embraces those who suffer. We understand that life is messy and painful; we also know without healthy support, surviving well is impossible. At some point in your life, you will need care on some level, and you will be called to provide care for others who are suffering. Because of Colleen’s experience as a caregiver, ongoing physical pain, her education in psychology and certification as a life coach, Reframing Ministries is equipped to come alongside families, communities, and churches with resources purposed to equip you to live well and help others live well. We offer help and hope through books, written articles, inspiring interviews, online support groups, personal emails, podcasts, and a collective network of authentic world influencers.

You are here for a reason! YOU matter! Your story is so important. Reframing Ministries invites you to embrace life’s challenges, learn how to shift your perspective, walk alongside other’s in need, and be an inspiration to others as the light and life of Jesus shines through you.

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About Colleen Swindoll Thompson

For all who have ventured through domestic abuse, parenting a child with multiple disabilities, identity theft, medical mayhem, a difficult divorce, betrayal from trusted Christians and the like . . . I understand.

As my faith was sifted to the core, a hope-filled foundation began to take root through a relentless examination of God’s truths and a daily dependence on the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

My experience as a caregiver, ongoing physical pain, education in psychology, and certification as a life coach have given me an unwavering passion to encourage and equip caregivers and their families with truths and tools that help them live well regardless of life’s ever-changing circumstances.

I’ve spent most of my life living in the states of California and Texas. In 1993, I graduated with a degree in Communications and a double-minor in Education and Psychology. My husband is my hero, and combined we have five witty, creative young adult children. I treasure time with my family, reading on quiet afternoons, and, when my body lets me after back surgery, fulfilling my never-ending wish to win yard-of-the-month through gardening.


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