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Encountering the Supernatural 2017

Encountering the supernatural requires an open mind and pure heart to hear God. You must take the limits off God and understand your walk in the mega is over and beyond normal reasoning.  Progression in the mega mandates daily prayer, faith, fasting, and sowing.   In the times we are in you need a witness from those who have paid the price and activated in the mega.  There are generals in the kingdom from which God has called to give you the keys to unlocking God's glory.  Through sacrifice, sowing, and a constant death self, these men and women of God will not only teach the fundamentals, but advance your walk into the mega.

About Renny and Marina McLean

Renny and Marina McLean have a message that awakens the believer's appetite for the glory of God. They have seen countless healed and delivered by creating an atmosphere for God to be sovereign in His acts of miracles. They can be seen in four million homes in the Dallas Metroplex.

About Renny and Marina McLean

Renny and Marina McLean teaches from the Kingdom prospective on the three realms of the supernatural: Faith, the Anointing, and the Glory of God. Their God-given ability to lift with a prophetic perspective opens the word of God so that incredible signs and wonders follow. They reside in Dallas, Texas.

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