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I Chronicles 10: 13-14 says, “King Saul died because he was unfaithful and disobeyed the Lord. He even asked for advice from a woman who talks to spirits of the dead instead of asking the Lord. So, the Lord had Saul killed and gave his kingdom to David, the son of Jesse.” Several chapters later in 29: 26-28 it reads, “David, the son of Jesse, was king of Israel for 40 years. He ruled from Hebron for seven years and from Jerusalem for 33 years. David was rich and respected and lived to be an old man. Then he died and his son Solomon became king.”

I think when many hear the word legacy we think it’s kind of a big concept, maybe too big to get your arms around. I want you to know it is not too big to get your arms around. And it would be a gigantic mistake to think in terms of later in life to consider your legacy.” It will be too late! The time to consider your legacy is today.

You have a distinct advantage if you have more of your life ahead of you than the life you have already lived. What a perfect time to think about a legacy. But even if you are like me, with less of your life ahead of you than behind you, you still have time to consider your legacy.

You just read two very different epitaphs, two opposite summaries of a person’s life. There was Saul who the people wanted to be king. Because he fit everything they thought a person should look like who is king. The Bible tells us that he was the most handsome man in the entire kingdom. He was the most physically imposing man so everyone thought he should be king. So God said, “You can have your king.” Saul died because he was unfaithful and disobeyed the Lord. The Lord had Saul killed (he committed suicide rather than be captured) and gave his kingdom to David.

David took over as king. David was nothing to look at like Saul. The Bible calls him ruddy, which is to say he probably had light or reddish hair and freckles and was not particularly impressive to look at. He was just a lowly shepherd and yet God picked him to be king. He ruled for 40 years and it is very impressive when you can successfully lead for 40 years. After he had led his country for 40 years, he was rich and respected and he lived to be an old man.

Saul’s life ended in suicide and disgrace. David’s life ended peacefully and with honor. Two different lives, two different legacies. Which would you choose for your life?


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