21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Prayer and fasting are powerful ways to seek God’s plan for your life (and your church) and grow deeper in your walk with Him. I can’t think of anything more important for a Christ-follower. If you’ve never prayed and fasted I hope you will do it this year. Many pray but it is fasting that is practiced much less.

Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from eating and drinking anything but water for an extended period of time. Some may wonder what not eating has to do with your relationship with God. Well, stop eating and find out.

If you have any medical issues you should consult a physician before fasting. If your medical issues keep you from fasting look for another way to fast. Consider fasting from television or the Internet. Our church is doing 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting. Commit yourself for three weeks so you can seek God more clearly.

You will experience physical benefits from fasting such as cleansing your body and losing weight. But the goal of fasting is to experience God. For many of us life is about us, what we want and when we want it. When you separate yourself from your needs, such as food, you can see life is all about Jesus and His will for your life.

Be open to hearing what God wants to change in your life. And then be willing to change it. Where is it He wants you to go? What sin is He showing you? Something you are doing that needs to change or something you need to start doing. Surrender your life to Him and desire more of Him and His ways in your life.

When fasting your mind can be your enemy. Eating at certain times each day has been your lifelong practice. Fasting will make no sense to your body. But practice discipline and trust God to give you the strength.

When you feel you want to give up there are a few things to remember. The pain you are experiencing is worth the prize you are pursuing. Though you will never stop being hungry the challenge at the beginning of the fast is the toughest. And the spiritual benefits of fasting far outweigh the challenges.

Decide when you will meet with God. Determine how you will spend your time differently. Fasting is about communing with God, don’t fill your time with distractions that keep you from feeling hungry. Create a plan and commit to spending time in prayer with the Lord.


About Rick McDaniel

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