I recently had a problem with one of my cars. I looked up the section in the owner’s manual that dealt with the problem and did what it said to do. Because I followed the instructions, I avoided a potentially costly repair. Some don’t like to use the owner’s manual, though, because they think they can figure things out for themselves.

Proverbs 14:11 tells us “The tent of a good person stands longer than the house of someone evil.” The Bible is our owner’s manual for life. It will keep us from evil and help us to live right.

This is how you may have gotten into the setback you are currently in because you are not following the Manual, the Bible. Meanwhile, the people who are following the Bible’s instructions are avoiding setbacks. They are reading the number-one bestseller of all time and taking advantage of the greatest wealth of wisdom available.

But if you don’t follow its instructions, you can end up in a setback position. Then you have to get real with yourself and acknowledge your responsibility. When you don’t obey God, when you go against his teachings, you end up in a setback.

Neil White tells his story in the book, In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. His setback involved losing his business and ending up in prison for check fraud. But the Louisiana prison he went to was not an ordinary prison; it was the last home in the United States for people disfigured by leprosy.

Yet, even though he had gone bankrupt, left thirty of his employees without jobs, cost bankers a million dollars, and betrayed his wife and children, he still did not acknowledge his wrongdoing. Not until he was in a sanctuary for outcasts who could not hide their disfigurement could he see his own.

His desire to be successful and admired had caused him to ignore the reality that he was a thief. Though his disfigurement was on the inside, he still needed to accept that his stealing caused his setback. He had ignored his own morals and religious teachings; only by seeing the truth, which he finally did, was he able to make a comeback.

If you are going to have a comeback, you must follow God’s principles. If you want to avoid a setback, you must follow God’s instructions, which is not advice that you can take or leave. God’s principles are the way to live your life, and following God’s instructions is the way your life will turn out for the best and God’s plan for you will be fulfilled.

This is how you can have happiness and peace. It is not enough to know the principles; you must do something more —you must put them into practice. And when you do, you will avoid setbacks.

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