The indispensable requirement for hard work is self-discipline. You simply have to discipline yourself to do the work. It will always be easier to just binge watch TV than get up off the couch and do the work. It will always be more enticing to respond to a friend’s phone call and go out. It will always be more fun to surf the web and waste hours at a time. This will never change. It will always be easier to sleep in, goof off and make excuses than to put in the work.

If you keep working, you'll see the results of your hard work. Too many people view hard work as extra work that is too difficult to do. When you work hard, you set yourself apart. You set yourself apart from other people and this is where you safeguard yourself from career setback. The difference in your work gets noticed and that grants you the ability to have influence, to have a position of leadership, and hopefully to positively impact others.

This all comes from good old-fashioned hard work there is just no other way around it. It comes from just disciplining yourself to do what it is you need to do. The results of hard work are a place of leadership and influence. Just as Proverbs 12:24,27 teaches, “Work hard, and you will be a leader; be lazy, and you will end up a slave. Anyone too lazy to cook will starve, but a hard worker is a valuable treasure.”

A hard worker is a valuable treasure to any company, to any organization, to any group. Anyone who works hard will perpetually be of value. If you work hard you will always find that you're wanted. You will consistently find people will want you because they know you will put in the work. They know you will do the job. And then you will never be without a job, a promotion or a raise.

Hard work means finishing what you start without reminders. Finish what you start without having to be reminded by your boss, by your teacher or by your coach. No one should need to come behind you and remind you to do it, just get it done.

Hard work means no excuses. It may be hard and there will be obstacles but that is life. Hard work means demonstrating initiative and following through. It's one thing to have a great idea, it's another thing to bring that idea into reality. At some point ideas have to become reality and that is spelled hard work. There's no other way around it. Everyone has dreams. Why are so few fulfilled? Hard work.

There will always be a place on any team, there will always be a place in any company, and there will always be a place with any group for a hard working person. That person will always find a spot because they're valuable. A hard worker is a valuable treasure and hard work makes you successful.


About Rick McDaniel

Rick McDaniel is a noted author, international communicator and church leader. He is the founder/senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia. The church is known for its contemporary and innovative services and has a worldwide reach through McDaniel has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University and is the author of​ six​​ books including his latest "Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks." He has traveled and spoken at conferences and churches worldwide spanning six continents.

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