To properly understand rejection at its most basic level you need to discern this: God’s complete acceptance of you. Too many don’t believe it. Maybe for the first time, maybe for the final time comprehend this salient truth - God accepts you. He may not approve of your behavior but He accepts you completely. You do not have to first get your act together to come to Jesus. You come to Jesus and then Jesus helps you to get your act together. You don’t clean yourself up first then come to Him. You just come as you are. You don’t have to get yourself straightened out first. God will help you get straightened out. God will forgive you, He will restore you and He will never reject you.

God sees in you what other people many times don’t see, your value and your potential. When I think about our loving heavenly Father, I try in my finite fatherly way to consider how I think about my own kids. What do I think about them? A loving father should believe in his children’s potential. I have always believed in my sons potential and encouraged them in any way I can. Even now as young men, with their whole lives ahead of them, I believe in their potential and do my best to show them that they are exceptional to me. I’m just a father trying to do that with my kids. Imagine our perfect heavenly Father, how much He loves you, how much He believes in you, how much He sees what you can become.

People will never be able to fully see you that way, even the people who love you the most. They will never be able to see you the way God sees you. And they will never be able to love you as much as God does. It is so crucial for your own personhood and for your relationships to know no one; not a husband, not a wife, not a mother, not a father, not a best friend, no one can love you fully the way you need to be loved except God. You need God in your life. You need to have a relationship with God so you can ground yourself in His unconditional love and acceptance of you. Then you can develop relationships with other people that will be healthy, relationships that will be good, though never perfect.

God accepts you. God loves you unconditionally, which is hard to understand because everyone else loves conditionally. Even when we try our best, it is simply beyond our human ability to be unconditional in our love. We are flawed. We are not perfect. But God is perfect. God loves us in a unique way. And that love then gives us freedom to become who God created us to be. Freedom you cannot experience if you are constantly concerned about what others think of you and whether they will accept you or reject you.

When you are free you know God accepts you, God loves you, God has a plan for your life. God wants to direct you to a place of realizing your full potential. And it causes you then to be reach out to others and form healthy relationships. To love God and be loved by God does not mean we soak in all of the love in a selfish way and keep it to ourselves. Rather having received this knowledge of God’s love and acceptance of us, we can then love other people. We can accept other people. We can endeavor to love them the way that God loves us.

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