If God already planned it out before you were even a thought in your parents' mind, you had better discover that purpose and the process of discovery is this. It is experimentation and elimination. That's the process. You go about experimenting with a whole host of options and potential paths and different things that you can do, and you slowly begin to eliminate and eliminate until you begin to hone in on what it is that God has for you.

Just let God show you through the process of experimentation. What really excites you? What motivates you? Move in the direction of that. What bores you? That's not where you want to go if that isn't what makes you happy. What do you want to be; rich or be fulfilled and know you are fulfilling your God-given purpose? If you ask God, he will direct you.

Here is the thing you need to say to God, "I'm available." God values availability even more than ability. God values availability above all else. If you say, "God, I'm available. I don't know what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I'm trying to find out. I'm trying to figure out my talents, my gifts, my passions, what I like to do what excites me and motivates me. I am just open to what does that look like?"

God will direct you. But at some point, discovering your purpose has got to move to developing your plan. You've got to develop the plan. Your purpose must become a plan, in order for it to be evaluated and ultimately achieved. God, before you were born, God knew. God placed inside of you certain kinds of drives, certain kinds of talents, and certain kinds of abilities so that you could take those and develop a plan to maximize those into your full God-given potential.

And I hope you never forget how important the serving element is. No person could ever fulfill their God-given purpose if they do not do something involving serving. I can assure you that when God planned out your life, He planned you to do something involving serving that is bigger than you, that you have to be a part of with other people and has eternal impact.

You take the serving component. You combine it with the other passions of your life, whatever they may be. You put those things together, and you're going to be fulfilled. You're going to be at peace. You're going to be happy. You're going to wake up every morning, and you're going to be excited. If you'll begin the process, if you'll open your eyes, if you'll ask for God's direction, if you'll devise a plan, and if you'll make the steps, you can get to the place that will make your life so fulfilling and so happy.


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