For many centuries people have been seeking God and His guidance. Around 2500 years ago Delphi, Greece was considered the place where heaven and earth met. It was believed to be the place on earth in closest proximity to the gods. The city was dedicated to the worship of Apollo, the son of Zeus who supposedly lived there.
Delphi was known for its oracle residing at the Temple of Apollo. It was believed that Apollo spoke through the oracle offering wisdom on everything from public policy to personal affairs. The Delphi oracle was famous throughout the world. People and kingdoms from Egypt to Rome to Turkey would visit. And people from all across Greece as well.
In many ways Delphi was considered the center of the known world. When anyone, from a king to a peasant needed wisdom it was the place to go. Whenever guidance was needed about whether to go to war or whether to get married the oracle was consulted. People came to get a word from God.
Of course, the methods used were very strange. The idea that Apollo would speak through a virgin over forty years old who was in a drug induced state is absurd. The signs they would seek to know God’s will were crazy. If an animal froze when it had cold water dumped on it then they could not seek direction that day. But if the animal shook off the water then it could be sacrificed. If eagles flew a certain direction then that was your answer or the sound the wind made when it blew through oak trees gave guidance.
It is remarkable how long people have sought to know God’s will. To seek His guidance and direction in their lives. To know what they are to be doing with their lives. People for centuries have wanted to hear from God. Hebrews 1:1-2 says, “Long ago in many ways and at many times God’s prophets spoke his message to our ancestors. But now at last God sent his son to bring his message to us.”
Today we are so blessed that we can have God speak to us. We do not need to travel to a far-away place to hear from Him. We do not need to engage in bizarre practices to receive guidance. He does this through His Word the Bible. We can receive such guidance for our lives by reading it. We are also blessed that we have the Holy Spirit. The Spirit guides us into God’s will for our lives. The Word and the Spirit are all we need to hear from God.


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