John Maxwell has said, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” I believe this is absolutely true. I have seen in my own life the amazing accomplishments you can have with the benefit of a daily routine.

But if there was only one thing you could do what would it be? What if that one daily practice could end up helping you with all your goals. And what if it could be done in just five minutes each day?

How about reading the Bible daily? Of the many changes you could make to your daily routine there is nothing that can have more impact than this. Just one chapter each day will change your life, not just this year but forever.

It will change you because the Bible renews your mind. Romans 12:2 says, “Don’t be like the people of this world but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him.”

When you read the Bible, you begin to think differently. And then you start acting differently. The Bible’s guidance helps you to live healthier, be more loving, have greater discipline and believe in your future.

You live in a way where doing God’s will becomes natural to you. Over time this literally transforms your life, you don’t just change a little you become a new person.

As you read a chapter each day you gain more wisdom. You simply become a wiser person. There is nothing more valuable than having wisdom for the many decisions you have to make. More important than just intellect or education, wisdom can bless your life in a myriad of ways.

You may think it is too time consuming or difficult to read the Bible every day. If you just read one chapter it will take just five minutes or less.

But since there are almost 1200 chapters in the Bible how do you know which ones to read? We have created a Daily Bible Reading Guide that has 365 chapters highlighting the overall message of God’s Word. All you have to do is follow it and read a chapter each day.

You can download it for free right here: http://rcc-impact.com/new/downloads/2019DailyBibleReadingGuide.pdf

Take advantage of this resource. Start reading today. If you do it will positively result in your best year ever.

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