After last year it might be hard to believe for something that seems impossible this year. But Jesus said in Matthew 19:26 “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

The late Robert Schuller actually cut the word “impossible” out of his dictionary. He believed the word more often than not was used flippantly, foolishly and fruitlessly. His thinking was just because we don’t know how something could be done does not mean it is wise or right to say, “It’s impossible!”

Schuller wanted a person to be excited about the opportunity to be a pace-setting pioneer. To discover new solutions to problems that would bring about a breakthrough. He believed progress had been obstructed, delayed or stopped by people who used the word impossible.

Dreams were discarded, experimentation was torpedoed and projects abandoned all because of people said it was impossible. He waged a one-man war for many years against the dangerous, irresponsible, destructive forces released by the use of the word impossible.

What do you think is impossible in your life this year?

It’s not impossible you just need creative ideas. There are solutions waiting for you to discover. But you can’t do it alone you need God’s help. You need God’s power. Great things can happen when you have faith. Choose to believe God has the answer. Refuse to allow past memories of failure or rejection to influence your thinking.

It’s not impossible you just need to begin. Decide to get started. Have self-confidence, stop putting yourself down, discard all negative preconceptions. You are not too old; it is not too hard - you can do all things through Christ. Have a faith filled, positive attitude. Believe somehow, someway, sometime it will be possible.

It’s not impossible you just have to solve some problems. Make the tough decisions. Revise your plan, redesign your strategy or rearrange your priorities. Do whatever is needed. It could take more time than you planned. But there may be people who can help you when you don’t have enough time.

It’s not impossible you just have to think bigger. Release your imagination from limited, self-imposed, too-small thinking. Get new energy and enthusiasm. Decide to work harder. Be willing to pay the price. Eliminate whatever is restricting you or holding you back. Be patient and refuse to stop. Never quit.

Once you realize that it’s not impossible you are free to see the solution, the answer, the breakthrough. There is a miracle waiting just for you this new year.

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