A number of years ago I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia for a speaking tour. It is the capital city and cultural hub of the country. Tallinn’s Old Town is one of the best medieval cities in Europe. The only city I have visited that it is like it is Bruges, Belgium. Experiencing these incredibly well preserved medieval cities is like taking a trip back in time.

I went there to teach at a Bible college and preach in several places. One of the places I preached in was a church that met in the former Communist Party headquarters. The building was huge and it had a very large auditorium where the church service was held.

Even though it has been years since I ministered there I have never forgotten it. The auditorium was where the communists met and now it was where a church met. The irony could not be missed.

And the differences could not be more severe. Marxism is based on the belief that there is no God, there is no supernatural, there is no fixed morality. Christianity is based on the exact opposite beliefs. God, the supernatural and morality are linchpins of a Christian worldview.

Jesus said in Matthew 16:18, “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.” The Church continues to grow and expand; Communism has shrunk and for all intents and purposes is dead. Cuba and Venezuela are essentially socialist countries. China is supposedly communist but they are experiencing economic prosperity only by refuting Marx and his godless philosophy.

Communism failed in Russia and throughout the world. China is atheist, secularist and humanist but not communist. Communism is dead - the Church lives on. The very place that once held communist meetings now holds church services. The Church is victorious over every false belief and worldview.

It may not seem like we are always winning. There is much in culture that is concerning. And the Church is certainly challenged by postmodernist beliefs promoted in education, media and entertainment. An entire generation has been influenced by falsehoods. But we have been here before.

There was a time when it appeared Communism was winning. Communists were taking control of major countries in the world. But those days are now long gone. The influence of the Church is seen around the world. Growth is not the same in all places but there is impact everywhere. The Gospel continues to be proclaimed and nothing can stop the Church of Jesus Christ.


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Rick McDaniel is a noted author, international communicator and church leader. He is the founder/senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia. The church is known for its contemporary and innovative services and has a worldwide reach through McDaniel has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University and is the author of​ six​​ books including his latest "Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks." He has traveled and spoken at conferences and churches worldwide spanning six continents.

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