Luke 18:1 says, “Jesus told His disciples a story about how they should keep on praying and never give up.” Jesus tells us that we are to always pray and not give up, and that seems pretty clear and simple. We see in this story (v. 2-8) a widow who continually comes to a judge until she gets what she wants from him, the key in her receiving was her persistence and her importunity. Is God like this judge? Must God be persuaded by our pleas and tears in order for Him to help us? God knows our needs and is more ready to give than we are to receive, so why does Jesus emphasize the need for persistence in prayer?

Why would Jesus tell this parable to His disciples? Jesus had been talking to His disciples about His return, what is called the parousia. He wanted them to be sure and not give up when things got tough. He wanted them to know that God always vindicates those who are His own.

Jesus had taught His disciples about prayer. They had asked Him how to pray and He had told them. He had taught them to keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking and God would respond. Jesus knew that when suffering and persecution came that His disciples would need to pray more than ever. This is why He told them this parable about the widow and the judge.

The widow represented the most helpless person in society and the judge the most powerful. The widow had no one to represent her, she had no money to bribe him. The judge did not fear God or men and refused to grant the petition of the widow. Only and for no other reason, the judge granted the widow her request because she was persistent, importune and he could not take her bothering any longer. How much more then will God respond to the persistent prayers of His people.

Keep praying, keep persisting and don’t give up. Pray through until God gives you the answer.


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