At Christmas a family in our church gave us a puzzle as a present. They knew that our newly expanded family would be together for the first time at Christmas. I think they thought it might be fun for all of us to do a puzzle together.

Well, we have never done a puzzle before as a family. Not one time. And it wasn’t just any puzzle. It was a Van Gogh painting. One where the blue color of the sky dominated a good portion of the painting. In other words, it was hard especially for the novice like us.

My oldest Matt and daughter-in-law Vicky gave it a try as did my youngest Wes and my wife Michelle. I never even messed with it at all. They had quite a time just getting the border pieced together. In fact, they had almost given up when my wife took one more shot at it and finally figured it out.

Now it was time to start filling in the pieces. They quickly lost Matt but they still spent some time on it. Soon Wes had bailed and then my wife too. Only Vicky was left to tackle it all by herself. And she was also caring for our new grandson. So that puzzle never got completed.

After everyone flew home the puzzle was still on the dining room table. Soon it was time to take all the Christmas decorations down and put them away. And that meant the puzzle pieces were picked up and put back in the box.

This entire experience got me thinking about the puzzle called life. We may never see the whole puzzle of our life put together. In fact, I doubt any will. But what God wants us to do is simply put down one piece at a time and try to fit it together. Trusting Him to shape our lives the way that is best for us. And believing that it is always for our good.

When the border was being put together we wondered if maybe a piece was missing because we couldn’t get it to work. But then Michelle looked at it from another perspective and saw how to do it.

And you have to believe that the game company has put all the pieces in the box to complete the puzzle. It’s what they do. So, we need to trust God that every piece in our lives is there for a reason. It’s God’s job and He knows what He is doing.


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