The last couple of months have been different for me and my wife. Twice I have traveled for ministry trips and twice she has traveled to visit family. The last seventy days we have spent twenty days apart. So, about thirty percent of the time we have not been together.

I have traveled for years but this is different. My trips have generally been shorter or if they were longer spaced out more. And she rarely traveled without me certainly not twice in a short period of time.

I’ve learned it’s one thing when you are the one away from home and another when you are the one alone at home. I’ve always missed my wife when I was traveling. In fact, I stopped doing long (15 – 20 days) overseas ministry trips because it was too long to be away from home.

But being the one at home has given me a new perspective. I have come to appreciate just how much my wife does for me. I have a very busy schedule of leading, speaking and writing. I may not be home that much and then when I am I have writing to do. My wife takes care of shopping, cooking, laundry and much more. I do my part by taking care of the finances, handling the home repairs and planning vacations but day to day she carries the larger load.

The two times recently when I have been at home alone have shown me how much I take her for granted. Meals to eat, clean clothes, the dog fed and walked, plus a host of other things she does. But it’s more than that. The conversations and companionship are what is missed most. 

When someone is always around you can easily take them for granted. Day in and day out they are there for you and care for you. It’s so easy to just assume it will always be this way. Until it’s not. Then you realize just how much you have taken them for granted.

Is there someone you are taking for granted? It could be your spouse. Have you thought about all they do to make your life easier or better? It could be your parents. Do you just assume they will always be there for you and help when you need it? Could it be your pastor? Do you appreciate his hard work that blesses you in so many ways and all the sacrifices he makes?

Make sure people know how much you value them and don’t ever take them for granted.


About Rick McDaniel

Rick McDaniel is a noted author, international communicator and church leader. He is the founder/senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia. The church is known for its contemporary and innovative services and has a worldwide reach through www.highimpactchurch.tv. McDaniel has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University and is the author of​ six​​ books including his latest "Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks." He has traveled and spoken at conferences and churches worldwide spanning six continents.

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