The Pandemic Mystery

Have you heard of physarum polycephalum? More commonly known as slime or the blob. This single-cell slime mold has no nervous system but can learn, pass knowledge to other molds and repair itself in minutes. It can navigate without eyes, limbs or wings. Scientists still don’t know how to explain how it does it.

They don’t know if it is an animal, if it is a fungus or something in between. It’s capable of memory. It’s capable of adapted behavior. It’s capable of solving problems. Slime molds are protists, single-cell organisms grouped into their own kingdom on the evolutionary family tree because scientists aren’t sure where else to put them.

Looking at the yellowish veins of matter you wouldn’t know it may be the most cunning brainless organism on the planet. The organisms informal name comes from the film “The Blob” a 1958 Steve McQueen movie about a creature from space that consumes two Pennsylvania towns in a bout of alien rage.

In this Pandemic many want all decisions to be dictated by science. As if science has all the answers. But it doesn’t. And when scientists have given some directives they then have changed their minds leaving us wondering which of their opinions is accurate.

I am not anti-science. I have spoken about the harmonious relationship between science and faith. Some of the greatest scientists who ever lived were Christians. I actually enjoy studying quantum physics just to stimulate my thinking and exercise my brain. My youngest son works in the science field. But science does not have all the answers.

And some put all their faith in it. These are the folks whose religion is scientism. They believe in science with a religious fervor. They are atheistic or agnostic and believe science has the answers to everything. It’s hard for them to admit or accept the reality that not everything can be explained.

For a Christ follower the question may be why did this Pandemic happen? Is it judgment from God or is God speaking to us through this crisis? Isaiah 55: 8-9 tells us, “The Lord says: ‘My thoughts and my ways are not like yours. Just as the heavens are higher than earth, my thoughts and my ways are higher than yours.’”

We want to know but not everything can be known. Some things are mysteries only to be known in heaven. In the meantime, we must live with the ambiguity and put our trust in God above science and anything else.

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