This is the time of year for gift giving. John 3:16 tells us, “For God so loved the world he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God did not keep back his Son, but he gave him for us. So, the whole concept, the whole foundation of gift giving finds its root and foundation in our understanding of who God is.

God is the greatest giver. He is the original giver. He is the best giver. And the very best gift he could have possibly given was his gift of Jesus. God knew there was a problem with human sinfulness and his perfection. How do you span that enormous chasm? How does a perfect God have a relationship with imperfect people?

How does a God who is holy have a relationship with people whose sins, transgressions, shortcomings, weaknesses, and failures keep them far from him? God’s plan was Jesus. He would be the one mediator between God and humanity. God gave us Jesus. Jesus was a gift that was planned.

The Bible tells us from the beginning that God knew the plan. The Old Testament prophets prophesied that someday there would be a Messiah. There would be a Savior of the world. In ancient times, people’s relationship with God involved sacrifices and living by a very strict law that they could never live up to. The prophets foresaw that in the future God would make a new covenant based on grace, and Jesus would be the foundation.

He is the perfect gift because he meets the need that no one else can meet. He saves us. What are we saved from? We are saved from our imperfection. We are saved from the fact that we’re not acceptable to God. We are saved from eternal separation from God.

And because of Jesus, we’re forgiven. His work on the cross gives us the opportunity to receive forgiveness. It doesn’t mean we are forgiven automatically. We must ask to be forgiven. However, anyone that asks to be forgiven will be forgiven. They will receive forgiveness, and then they will have a relationship with God through Jesus.

But God’s plan involved sacrifice, as all giving does. However, you want to look at it, whatever way you want to see it, giving always involves sacrifice. In order to give something, you have to give up something, whether it’s something small or something big. God’s sacrifice was big—it was the greatest sacrifice. And He was willing to give us Jesus because there was no other way for the problem of human sin to be solved.


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Rick McDaniel is a noted author, international communicator and church leader. He is the founder/senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia. The church is known for its contemporary and innovative services and has a worldwide reach through McDaniel has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University and is the author of​ six​​ books including his latest "Turn Your Setbacks Into Comebacks." He has traveled and spoken at conferences and churches worldwide spanning six continents.

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