Acts 20:35 tells us to remember Jesus' words, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” The Message translates it this way, “You’re far happier giving than getting.” There are clear reasons why giving is the best way for us to go. Here are ten.

1. Giving Obeys God’s Command
The Bible is filled with commands to give.

2. Giving Submits To God
Giving shows we are submitted to Christ’s leadership.

3. Giving Exhibits God’s Heart
God is a giver and when we give it shows God’s character.

4. Giving Illustrates God’s Salvation
When we give we draw a picture of the gospel.

5. Giving Trusts God’s Provision
Giving expresses our trust in God to provide for us.

6. Giving Widens God’s Smile
It delights God to see His people happily give.

7. Giving Advances God’s Kingdom
Giving funds the resources needed for outreach and evangelism.

8. Giving Promotes God’s Sanctification
Giving weakens and breaks our selfish nature.

9. Giving Testifies About God
Giving shows how serious people are about following Christ.

10. Giving Praises God’s Character
Giving is an act of worship.

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