This past Sunday we moved our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings time. Have you ever thought about who invented clocks or why they were invented? It’s quite an interesting story that has a powerful message for us today.

The Roman Empire came about as the Romans took over the major cities of the known world. In each city they would build a forum like the one in Rome. I have visited that forum and it is amazing to see what they built. There were buildings for commercial, political, social, legal and religious purposes. It was the hub of the city. And in each forum they would build a bell tower.

The Roman Bell Tower would ring six or seven times a day. It would first ring at 6:00. This was the first hour of the day and a signal to get to work. It would ring at the sixth hour, which was noon. This was the lunch break. The bells continued to ring throughout the day. In the Bible we see these terms being used. For instance, when Jesus was crucified the Bible says it was the sixth hour meaning Jesus was crucified at noon.

Since everyone could hear the bells ringing throughout the day Christians developed the habit of praying every time the bells rang. To this day the Catholic Church has the Liturgy of the Hours using the same Roman terms for the times to pray. As monks began building monasteries they would construct bell towers so they could ring the bells as a call to prayer.

In the 1400’s the monks decided it would be better to create a mechanical device that would automatically ring the bells on schedule each day. They were successful with their invention. They named it after the Latin word for bell, which is cloc. Clocks were invented to make time for prayer.

The clock was not invented for business, it was not invented to make life organized it was invented so we would know it was time to pray! You should never look at your watch or clock the same again. Daniel prayed three times a day, the Psalmist wrote, “Seven times a day I praise you.” Paul tells us to, “Pray without ceasing.”

Hopefully you will be reminded to pray more now that you know the story of the clock. Let the Spirit move you to pray for those you care about. Pray for the needs of your church and the needs in your life. There is much to pray about - start looking at your clock.


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