I recently got a text from my wife while I was out of town at a luncheon. I thought it must be important so when I was free I called her. She had to tell me the most incredible story. She met someone that day who was from New England. In their conversation she learned that this woman was from the same small town in Connecticut where I am from.

Then through some more questions she discovered that the woman actually went to high school with me, graduating the same year I did. And that we were actually friends! We had lived in the same city for the last twenty-six years and never knew it. Only an unusual sequence of timing allowed this to be made known.

Timing is so crucial in life. The late Lee Iacocca once said, “Even the right decision is the wrong decision if it’s made at the wrong time.” Timing is hugely important in a decision. You could get a decision right, but if you make it at the wrong time - it’s a wrong decision.

You have to collect all the information and you have to take your time. When people come to me and want an answer to an important decision right away I always answer with a “No.” I’m not going to make a decision when I haven’t thought about it and prayed about it. I can’t make a good decision until I first determine if the timing is right.

Take your time. God’s will is not just what to do but when to do it. Many times, we focus on the what but not on the when. It’s very important to understand timing and not rush things or push things or move in directions that will take you away from God’s will.

We have to be wise. Do your research and try to get the best information. If you still don’t know what to do then wait. In so many instances I’ve done all the work and I’ve practiced good decision-making principles but I still didn’t know what to do.

Instead of deciding, I just wait on God and it’s amazing how in waiting the decision will become so clear. It’s much clearer because other things will happen that will crystallize the situation and make it easier for you. If you will focus on timing in your decision-making you will make better decisions.


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