I’ll never forget the first time our oldest son Matt left home to go to school. It was an experience that was different than anything that our family had ever gone through before. It was the kind of experience that changed our family. It was a natural and appropriate transition for our family. There was nothing wrong with it. There was nothing unhealthy about it. It was exactly what should happen. Matt was leaving to begin his independent life and earn a degree for his future career.

But it was still a very challenging experience. It challenged me as a father, it challenged my wife as a mother and it challenged his brother Wes. It brought a lot of tears and it caused us to have to restructure the way that we did things in our family. And it was the beginning of transitions for our family because four years later our younger son Wes went away to school as well.

Transitions can be extremely challenging, they can be absolutely normal and they can be very beneficial. The one thing that they will not be is uneventful. They will always bring changes into your life. I liken spiritual seasons to the natural seasons and between every season there is a transition. So, between every spiritual season there is a transition as well.

Sometimes that transition is brief. Sometimes that transition is longer. The season of transition is one that, though it visits all of us, it doesn’t visit all of us the same way or in the same order. There are times in our lives when we will move between seasons very quickly. And there are times in our lives when we will be in a rather lengthy season of transition.

There is a distinct difference between transitions and change. Change is primarily, though not exclusively, external. Transition is primarily, though not exclusively, internal. This is why transition generates so much more emotion than other changes in life. Transition is the process you go through to come to terms with the new season God brings to your life. It is absolutely normal. It is appropriate, natural and healthy.

But it can be challenging. It can be a time that we are not clear about exactly what is going on. It can be a time when we may wonder, “What is God up to?” But in transitions, God is still at work. He is at work in a way that brings us from one season to another and it is primarily change that is more internal than external. Welcome transition into your life as the way God works to bring you out of one season and into a new season.

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