Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The allied invasion marked the defining moment for the path to victory in Europe. The Germans faced the impossible task of fighting in Europe on two fronts. The result was victory. Winning World War II is unthinkable without Operation Overlord.


But what if D-Day had failed? All military campaigns face this possibility. Historian Dr. Rob Citino has considered what could have happened.


If the Germans had launched a counterattack a few hours into the landing on Omaha beach using their 915th Grenadier Regiment the Americans would have been wiped out. A full-strength unit would have encountered a beach littered with the dead and dying, water red with blood. They easily would have defeated the remaining soldiers.


If this happened things get a whole lot worse. Omaha was the central landing beach of the five (Utah, Gold, Sword and Juno). There would have been U.S. forces at Utah beach, British/Commonwealth forces at Gold, Juno and Sword and in between a German held gap. 


Instead of all five beachheads linking up within a week, forming a base for Allied offensive operations against the German army in the West, the link-up doesn’t happen until late July or even August. This leaves the troops with serious logistical issues of food, fuel and ammunition.


And this would have led to a renewed sense of confidence on the part of the German forces and renewed loyalty to Hitler. He claimed he would smash the invasion in the West and he could claim to have done it at least in one spot. In America it was an election year. A “Omaha Catastrophe” could have created problems. The unity of Americans could be splintered and maybe even change the result of the election.


There is much more Dr. Citino says could have happened. The point is an alternate history where the D-Day Omaha beach invasion failed would have changed the course of Operation Overlord, World War II and the entire shape of the postwar world.


But a much greater consideration is what if God had failed. What would this world be like if Jesus did not go to the cross and die for the sins of humanity? There would be no salvation, we would be separated from almighty God and our lives would lack any meaning or purpose.


And what if Jesus succeeded but the apostles failed. What if they did not preach the Gospel and launch the Church? What if Paul did not plant churches around the known world and expand the Church? Where would we be today?


But thanks be to God he did not fail! And we live today in relationship with Jesus and fellowship in His Church.


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