Animals are fascinating. Take for instance the Fork-Tailed Drongo. This bird spends most of the year as a “watch bird” for meerkats and other birds. When it sees a potential threat, it chirps and the animals flee.

But during colder months when food is scarcer the Drongo chirps the danger call when there is no threat. When the animals run for safety the Drongo flies down and eats the food left on the ground. He gains other animals trust only to deceive them later.

Meerkats can only be fooled so many times by the false warning before they figure it out. Then the Drongo imitates the danger call of another meerkat to make them run away. So, he can again get their food.

Fireflies trick their own kind with their flashing light pattern. By mimicking the male’s pattern, a female from a different species can lure a male in. The male thinks the female wants to mate but she actually wants him to be her next meal.

The Burrowing Owl lives underground in deep burrows instead of trees. A female will collect mammal droppings and place them near her nest. When insects, spiders and other small creatures are attracted to the smell they come to the burrow. Having fallen for her deception the Owl grabs them up and feeds them to her young.

This deception in the animal kingdom is part of life but in God’s kingdom it is not. We are to live above all deception and dishonesty. In Proverbs 6:16 it says, “There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: a lying tongue…a heart that devises wicked schemes.”

God can’t stand it when we are not honest and genuine. He hates to see his followers acting just like secular people, who lie and scheme to get what they want. He wants us to be people who speak the truth, honor our agreements and follow his plan not devise our own schemes.

The Bible makes it clear how much God hates and detests these behaviors. And it is a huge warning to us. He is truth and the enemy is the father of lies.

So, God wants us to walk in truth and have nothing to do with lies. Practicing deception takes us away from God’s best for our lives and leads us into many problems. Breaking trust damages our relationships and reputation. Always seek and tell the truth.

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