God can use the tough, difficult, and challenging experiences of life for your good if you are willing to look for the lesson. But many people want to throw the lessons aside or brush them off rather than face them head-on and ask the hard questions. “Is there a lesson here for me in this setback? What is it I can learn from this?”

You should be looking for the lesson in your setback, and you need to learn that lesson. It is one thing to look for the lesson, But it is another thing to actually learn from it. Despite setbacks, you can learn from them. And in learning from them, you can fashion a marvelous comeback.

I love Walt Disney. Years ago I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes tour of EPCOT and learn about how Disney envisioned and created the community of tomorrow. Many of his ideas are still innovative even after all these years have passed. I have read a number of biographies about him. He fascinates me for his creative energy and marvelous visionary leadership.

What you might not know is that he experienced seven very disappointing setbacks in his life. But Walt Disney always looked for the lesson and learned from the lesson. So, he didn’t repeat his mistakes. When you think of him, you think of the movies and the theme parks. His name is on a television and a radio network. The Disney name is the gold standard for creativity.

The lesson means nothing if we don’t learn it and make the appropriate change. You don’t need to wonder why so many people never have a comeback: It is because they are unwilling to learn the lesson.

Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, often talks about one of his early setbacks when he was not accepted into Harvard. He says, “Setbacks teach lessons that carry you along. You learn that a temporary defeat is not a permanent one. In the end, it can be an opportunity.”

Buffett used what he learned from his setback early in life to become an incredible financial success. You can learn the lesson from your setback that will propel you into a comeback. I hope and pray you will.

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