I had the opportunity to attend the exhibit King Tut: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh. It debuted in Los Angeles last year and is set to travel to ten cities around the world. I saw it in Paris, next it will go to London and cities like Sydney and Tokyo.

Afterward the artifacts will return to Cairo where they will be permanently housed alongside the full King Tut collection in the new Grand Egyptian Museum opening in 2021. This exhibit is the last time these artifacts will be seen without having to go to Egypt.

And what a collection it is. There were 150 artifacts, previous King Tut exhibits had never had more than 55 artifacts. The exhibit had 60 artifacts that had never been seen outside of Egypt. It included the oldest glove and trumpet in the world. 

There were many other interesting artifacts like furniture, weapons and games. There was even a small boat. The Egyptians believed strongly in the afterlife. They felt you needed to leave items in the burial crypt that might be needed. So, they put in food, lamps, clothes plus many of the items I saw at the exhibit.

The Egyptian thinking was that all these treasures would help the deceased to survive in the afterlife. They even included a golden mask. When Howard Carter discovered King Tut’s burial crypt there were several rooms in it and over 3000 artifacts. Everything King Tut would need in the afterlife was buried with him.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 9:27, “We die only once and then the judgment.” The afterlife requires no material possessions. We don’t need precious metals or jewels, clothing and boats. You take nothing with you when you die. As my dad used to say, “I’ve never seen a hearse pulling a U-Haul.”

Only the soul is eternal everything else passes away. The most important consideration in the afterlife is the health of your soul. You take nothing with you into eternity and the only thing you need is not material.

We will all be judged on whether our name is in the heavenly data base. Did you repent of your sins and accept Jesus Christ into your life? That is the first judgment. The second is what did you do with your life? Did you follow Jesus teachings and the Bible’s principles?

That is what you take with you when you die.


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