In the 1990’s scientists discovered something remarkable. A jellyfish, only about as wide as a human pinky, can reverse its life cycle. The immortal jellyfish, even after becoming a mature adult, can do this over and over again.

They are able to transform back into a younger state when threatened by environmental stress, starvation or injury. These jellyfish revert back to a small blob of tissue, which changes into an immature polyp and then a colony of polyps that produces a young jellyfish all over again.

The process would be similar to a butterfly turning back into a caterpillar or a frog becoming a tadpole again. It’s a mystery how the immortal jellyfish accomplishes this process. Scientists believe it involves a reversed version of the cellular processes that go on during metamorphosis.

They are not truly immortal, since they could be killed by a predator, a disease or change in environment. But they won’t die of old age. Their ability to switch back and forth from life stages means in theory they could live forever.

Biological immortality is something human beings do not possess. Hebrews 9:27 tells us, “We die only once and then we are judged.” We cannot reverse engineer our lives. We do not have the ability to transform into a younger self. We have one and only one life.

We only get one shot at this life. There is no reincarnation, no second chance to get things right. Your one and only life must be lived to its fullest. We have but one opportunity on earth. And what we do affects all of eternity.

Now is the time to evaluate your life. To reflect on your actions and reassess your priorities. This is the moment to refocus on what is important and realign yourself with godly values. To shift out of your comfort zone and into something new.

If God blesses us with a long life and we look back what will we see? What we do today will determine what we see someday. And if our life is somehow briefer we have even less time to get it right.

The reality is life is short. And we will be judged for our sojourn on this earth. It’s time for whatever shift needs to happen in our thinking, attitude, values or behavior. We must fulfill our unique calling from God and live out his plan for our lives.

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