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Spiritual warfare is waged in high-ranking authorities both from the side of good and evil. There is an ongoing war that a lot of believers are not even aware of. It is a war that includes continuing battles over locales. Intercessory prayer and awareness that there is a war in the spiritual realm are necessary to overcome battles that believers are going to encounter, until the second coming of Jesus. Let’s go Inside National Territories Exposing Demons.

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About Spiritual Authority

Bishop George Bloomer is a pastor, author, sought-after conference speaker, and the General of Spiritual Warfare. He operates in an apostolic anoining, providing the Church with right understanding of spiritual truths. He is the senior pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center in, Durham, North Carolina, and the Presiding Bishop of C.L.U.RT. International Assemblies. He can be seen each week on his national television program, "Spiritual Authority" and each weekday with his daily program, Warfarecology.

About Bishop George Bloomer

Spiritual Authority is the ministry of Bishop George Bloomer who has been commissioned by God to set the captives free by identifying and breaking generational curses of sickness, disease and poverty. His ministry teaches believers to walk in their God given authority and live a victorious life.

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