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More Than Conquerors, by Terry L. Mize

IN THIS BOOK YOU'LL DISCOVER..How to base your life upon the Word of God. How to put God's Word to work in areas of healing, prosperity and abundant living. How to overcome fear, poverty thinking and the battlefield of your own mind! How you can be More Than a Conqueror!!

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About Terry Mize

Terry Mize Ministries presents the More Than Conquerors weekly program, hosted by Dr. Terry L. Mize and Reneé Mize. From the jungles of South America, to the Great Wall of China and everywhere in between, stay tuned for some of the most incredible and heroic stories of hope and enduring Faith, spanning over 50 years of the global missions and relief work of Dr. Terry L. Mize. The television and podcast program tackles your questions, Biblical doctrine, today’s headlines, in and out of the christian world. Using simple practical incites into God’s word, Dr. Mize and Reneé will encourage and empower you, even during these chaotic times! Dr. Mize and co-host wife Reneé will lift you up and encourage you to be MORE THAN A CONQUEROR!

About Terry Mize

For over 50 years, Dr. Terry L. Mize has had a heart to reach the unreached and tell the untold about the goodness of God, and eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. His mission, IS missions. Terry Mize Ministries (TMM) is founded on the belief that, true Christian missions is the only mission. This work is done by “Going into all the world” and leading others to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, while also supplying what Dr. Mize calls the "5 Basic Needs of Man."

#1 A roof over your head
#2 Clothes on your back
#3 Food on your table
#4 A healthy body
#5 Able to take care of your family

Through numerous leadership teaching and training events, open-air crusades, as well as, connecting donors, resources and ministry partners with trusted a countries native/local leadership in numerous countries, he has been able to bring practical help, hope and hands-on relief to those who need it most. When Terry and wife Renee´ aren't ministering overseas, they are coordinating relief efforts for orphans, ministering in churches, bible schools and conventions in the United States. Many thousands of miracles are prominent in their ministry as they teach the integrity of God's Word. TMM also produces various media and online resources to inspire, grow your knowledge and build your faith.

In 2013, Jackie Mize, Terry's first wife passed away unexpectedly. Jackie and Terry, co-authored the global best-seller, "Supernatural Childbirth." This book has changed millions of lives and garnered hundreds of thousands of total miraculous testimonys from women and families all over the world. The Jackie Mize International Children’s Foundation regularly sponsors thousands of orphans each year from around the world. “Giving Living Bread To Dying Men, Around The World”

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OK 74153-0044 USA

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