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A Free Pardon to Guilty Sinners by Dr. William R. Crews

I am bringing this message today to some in my listening audience who are perishing under the wrath, curse, and condemnation of a sovereign God. You are guilty of so extensively sinning against an infinite, eternal, holy God. You deserve to die, and that justly! If God were to send you to receive your just reward, you would suffer throughout the eternal ages, on and on! You are under a reprieve, and not on probation. You do not have a pardon. You are waiting the day of execution. Every day, hour, minute, and second you are being inevitably brought by the rapidity of time to the day of your execution. Yes, that day is coming, for some it is not going to be long. For others, it will be sooner than you think. You who know you are a lost, guilty, perishing sinner there is hope for you. But, if you do not know and have never known, you are lost, you will never be saved until you do. If you feel as if you can't live in a state of condemnation before God any longer, you listen, for I have good news for you today.

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About The Awakening Hour

In September of 1989 in the providence of God, Dr. William R. Crews felt the Lord leading him to begin a weekly half-hour television program that would be unique and different from most of those provided on TV stations across America. After months of prayerfully pondering the idea, he became convinced that this was clearly the Lord’s will for his life.

“The Awakening Hour” began on a few small stations. Using a one camera shot in a small rented room with only the white wall as a background, the program was birthed. From that humble and modest beginning, it has grown under the hand and blessing of God to become what it is today – an international Bible teaching / preaching program that is distinctly unique in its no frills, no nonsense, no entertainment approach to Christian TV.

To the glory of God, people are being reached with the real, unwatered down, uncompromised, unpolitical, complete Gospel of Christ. Dr Crews felt that the Lord wanted him to deal with vital subjects in a bold, direct, plain and often confrontational way that is often neglected today.

About Dr. William R. Crews

Dr. Crews was born and raised in Lake Butler, Florida. He attended high school in Starke, Florida. After high school, he served his country in the United States Navy. Dr. Crews became a Christian in February of 1956 and immediately answered God's call to preach and entered Seminary in September, 1956. Rev. Crews was ordained to the ministry in 1957 by Grace Baptist Church in Newark, Texas while earning a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Bible Baptist Seminary in Arlington, TX. He went on to earn a Master of Arts from North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD, and a Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. 

Dr. Crews was a great expository preacher and teacher of the Scriptures and has served as Pastor of churches in Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, South Dakota, and South Carolina including East Gaffney Baptist Church in Gaffney, SC from 1983 to 1988, Calvary Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC and was the current pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC. 

Dr. Crews has had radio and television ministries for over 30 years and is currently seen on Television with his ministry program, The Awakening Hour, which airs on 150 U.S. Stations and in another 170 countries. In addition, he has written over 60 Bible Study booklets on religious subjects. He has taught on both the Bible College and Seminary level and has served as a Seminary President.

Dr. Crews was laid to rest, Tuesday, December 1, 2009 in Good Shepherd Memorial Park.

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