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Choose Victory For Your Life Today!

“Most people don't choose to be victims. They just don't know how to choose victory." Are you living in victory, daily? Or are there cycles of behavior and negative thinking you just can't break out of? Do you feel defined by the bad things that have happened to you, the negative words spoken over you or even the color of your skin or your gender? As a black woman who has experienced childhood sexual abuse, teenage rape, an abusive first marriage and discrimination in the workplace, to name a few, Cynthia understands what it is to feel like a victim. But that's not where her story ends. Over the years God has given Cynthia tools to choose victory for her life - let her share them with you today and start CHOOSING victory for YOUR life! Because, victory really is a CHOICE! Get your copy of I Choose Victory today!

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Ever need the comfort of a friend. A big sister. A mother or an Aunt. Somehow Cynthia Garrett encompasses all those roles and more. Add warm and caring to honest talk about real issues that impact all of our spiritual lives and you’ll find The Sessions your favorite must-see TV about Jesus and life with faith.

About Cynthia Garrett

Longtime television host, Cynthia Garrett, has been breaking barriers throughout her entire Television career. With early success on VH1, FOX, and ABC Network - She became the first African-American woman to host a network late-night show, on NBC’s LATER with Cynthia Garrett, in 2000. With dozens of network and cable TV productions under her belt, in the US and Internationally, Cynthia simultaneously built a successful career as a writer, selling her first two scripted series to ABC Network. She penned her first column for In Style Magazine, making her their first Celebrity Columnist. She currently writes Opinion pieces regularly for NEWSWEEK. With a belief that the world didn’t need another talk-show, but a walk-show, teaching people to walk through life with faith, Cynthia created The Sessions with Cynthia Garrett, currently airing five times a week on TBN, the world’s top faith and family network. As Host & Producer of The Sessions, Cynthia has carved out a spot for herself in viewers hearts as their favorite sister, best friend, and keep-it-real confidante.

A popular speaker, and an ordained minister, Cynthia graduated from the University of Southern California School of Law and holds a certificate in comparative law from Oxford University. In 2016, she published her autobiography, Prodigal Daughter: A Journey Home to Identity, a riveting and transformational chronicle of Garrett’s real-life adventure story, applied to scriptural lessons, that leaves readers forever impacted and changed. Her second book I Choose Victory: Moving From Victim To Victor (Salem/Regnery June 2020) has launched a movement to choose victory by doing the work to eliminate ‘victim mentality.’ Cynthia Garrett’s GIRL CLUB is a live weekly life & bible study for women and girls found on multiple TV and online platforms proving that faith translates into victory when it’s more than words. You’ll also find Cynthia making powerful keynote addresses at churches, conferences, and events around the world. She is teaching others to make a difference by walking the talk…and not just talking it.

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