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Healing for Your Body His Temple audio series and Words of Healing book

In our increasingly busy lives, the concepts of spiritual health and wellness can seem foreign and unattainable. Robert Morris and James Robison bring you six audio messages to help you understand the importance of spiritual health and how that also translates to physical wellness.  Covering concepts such as the Sabbath, the sin of gluttony and the scriptural importance of rest, Robert and James share personal experiences of spiritual and physical health and healing for your body, His temple. The Words of Healing Scripture book is filled with Bible verses that focus on healing – from God’s healing in the Old Testament to the miracles Jesus performed during the New Testament and other Scriptures that inspire faith for healing – body, mind and soul. 

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About Beth Moore - Wednesdays with Beth

James and Betty Robison present "Wednesdays with Beth" every week on LIFE Today to encourage people to know Christ through His Word.

About Beth Moore

Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries, which is dedicated to Biblical literacy and a commitment to guide believers to love and live on God's Word. She has written numerous books and Bible studies, including Breaking Free, Believing God, and When Godly People Do Ungodly Things, that have been read by women of all ages, races, and denominations.

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